We detect the needs and opportunities of society, providing proactive and preventive service to our clients, accompanying them and facilitating decision-making, possible restructuring, and proper compliance with accounting and tax obligations. Knowing all the intricacies of the company allows us to anticipate possible non-compliance with the formal requirements of existing tax benefits.

Areas of intervention

Corporate taxation

A key element in the competitiveness of companies is good tax management. Proper accounting of operations and relevant adjustments are the basis for compliance with Corporate Tax regulations and to avoid tax contingencies.

Restructuring operations

In order to achieve tax optimisation, we advise on and implement mergers, spin-offs, exchanges, contributions or any other restructuring operation that is suitable for the client's needs from an economic, legal and tax point of view.

Indirect taxation

We specialise in indirect taxes, such as value added tax, transfer tax and stamp duty. We support our clients both in their ordinary activity and in restructuring, acquisition or divestment operations, combining technical knowledge with sectorial specialisation.

Inspection and contentious tax proceedings

We manage your relations with the national, regional or local tax authorities. We intervene to find the best solution for tax procedures such as checks and inspections, as well as economic-administrative and judicial claims.

Fiscal compilance

Thanks to our in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of state, regional and local regulations and doctrine, we provide compliance services, both advising on compliance and its implementation.

We also analyse the accounting of companies, with the aim of gaining in-depth knowledge of their operations and allowing us to detect strengths and weaknesses, in order to be able to analyse their profitability and future evolution and even detect deficiencies for the application of the tax benefits of family businesses.

Our team

Carlos Muñoz - CIM tax & legal
Carlos Muñoz

Partner Lawyer

Emma S. Corretger - CIM tax & legal
Emma S. Corretger

Partner Lawyer and Economist

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