We detect the needs and opportunities of society, providing proactive and preventive service to our clients, accompanying them and facilitating decision-making, possible restructuring, and proper compliance with accounting and tax obligations. Knowing all the intricacies of the company allows us to anticipate possible non-compliance with the formal requirements of existing tax benefits.

Areas of intervention

Corporate Taxation

Accounting for operations and relevant adjustments in compliance with Corporate Tax regulations, identifying and preventing future tax contingencies that may harm our client's interests.

Restructuring operations

With the aim of achieving the highest tax optimization, we advise and implement restructuring operations such as mergers, divisions, exchanges, contributions, among others, based on the client's needs from an economic, tax, and accounting perspective.

Tax Litigation and Inspection Procedures

We provide legal advice to taxpayers before the state, regional, and local Tax Administration, accompanying the client and ensuring the protection of their legal and tax rights and interests, seeking the best solution.

Indirect Taxation

Management and filing of indirect taxes incurred as a result of executed real estate transactions, such as Value Added Tax, Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty, and the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (municipal capital gains tax).

Our team

Carlos Muñoz - CIM tax & legal
Carlos Muñoz

Partner Lawyer

Emma S. Corretger - CIM tax & legal
Emma S. Corretger

Partner Lawyer and Economist

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