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Real Estate

We offer specialized and multidisciplinary approach to investors, tax residents in Spain and non-residents, with interests in the real estate sector for all types of operations: investment, ownership, divestment, and aspects related to property and real estate investment vehicles, seeking the alternative with the best tax advantages.

Areas of intervention

Real Estate Operations

We support our clients in operations related to the investment, divestment, development, or exploitation of real estate assets. We intervene in complex real estate operations, including, among others, real estate financing and M&A, buying and selling, leasing of all types of real estate assets, or corporate transactions with underlying real estate components.

Direct and indirect taxation

We understand taxation as a dynamic field that requires periodic adaptation. That's why we always take into account the latest application criteria and provide careful analysis to ensure proper compliance with tax obligations.

We specialize in indirect taxes, such as value-added tax (VAT) and taxes on transfers and documented legal acts. We assist our clients in both their regular business activities and in restructuring, acquisition, or divestment transactions, combining technical expertise with sector-specific specialization.

Advisory services for real estate asset management

We help protect and maximize the value of real estate assets by providing advice on decision-making, comprehensive management, and compliance with legal, tax, and financial obligations. We are actively involved in the project and its daily management, assisting in the execution of operational tasks with the best multidisciplinary team to facilitate business development.Ayudamos a proteger y rentabilizar el patrimonio inmobiliario asesorando en la toma de decisiones, en su gestión integral, y en el cumplimiento de las correspondientes obligaciones legales, fiscales y financieras. Nos implicamos en el proyecto y en su gestión diaria, ayudamos en la ejecución de la operativa con el mejor equipo pluridisciplinar que facilita el desarrollo del negocio.

Optimal investment structures

We analyze the personal and business assets of the investor, whether they are a tax resident in Spain or a non-resident, to determine the optimal investment structure in the medium and long term, both for real estate assets and real estate investment vehicles.

Our team

Carlos Muñoz - CIM tax & legal
Carlos Muñoz

Partner Lawyer

Iker Garayeta  - CIM tax & legal
Iker Garayeta

Real Estate

Juan Carlos Díez - CIM tax & legal
Juan Carlos Díez

Property Manager Real Estate

Olga Sarrias - CIM tax & legal
Olga Sarrias

Property Manager Real Estate

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