Private Client

We offer customized solutions to individuals, private investors, and family groups for the efficient management of your personal and business assets, achieving proactive decision-making for asset protection and optimal tax efficiency.

Areas of intervention

Optimal investiment structures

We analyze personal and business assets to determine the optimal investment structure for medium and long-term goals. We provide advice on strategic investments such as SCR's, SOCIMIs, trusts, real estate investment vehicles, startups, or art collections.

We implement mergers, divisions, exchanges, contributions, or suitable restructuring operations to achieve tax optimization based on the client's needs, considering economic, legal, and fiscal aspects.

Inheritance and generational succession

At this crucial moment for any family, we provide guidance in planning succession, both nationally and internationally, considering possible legal alternatives that optimize the tax impact on heirs.

We assist in generational transitions with security and planning to ensure the continuity of businesses and enterprises. This involves handling the legal and fiscal aspects of inheritance, as well as addressing any potential issues that may arise from it.

Family Business y family office

We support the development and evolution of your business, providing tools for conflict resolution, such as family protocols, designing family governance structures, preparing succession plans, and implementing compensation systems that help you make decisions that anticipate potential future problems.

We prioritize the well-being and prosperity of our clients and their businesses, ensuring the preservation of their legacy for future generations, while also focusing on achieving tax optimization. We also provide guidance in processes such as selling company shares, partner separations, or corporate restructuring.

We have extensive experience in donations and successions of family businesses, both for tax residents in Spain and non-residents, and in reviewing compliance with the requirements to apply tax benefits, as well as the criteria applied by the Tax Administration during inspections.

Foundations and Protected Assets

We are committed to the future sustainability of individuals, and therefore, we provide legal and tax advisory services in the establishment and management of non-profit organizations (Foundations).

We are experts in the establishment and management of protected assets for individuals with disabilities as a tool to ensure the economic protection of the beneficiary and to take advantage of the numerous benefits associated with this legal structure.

Tax inspection procedures and tax litigation

We provide advice and manage relationships with the state, regional, or local Tax Administration. We intervene to find the best strategy to ensure the best defense and resolution of conflicts in tax assessments, inspections, and all types of tax procedures, as well as appeals before the administrative and judicial authorities.

Participamos activamente en las asociaciones de referencia en España incluso para los procesos de elaboración de nuevas leyes en el ámbito tributario o consecución de criterios favorables para nuestros clientes frente a la Administración.

Our team

Blanca Llopart - CIM tax & legal
Blanca Llopart

Senior Lawyer Manager

Carlos Muñoz - CIM tax & legal
Carlos Muñoz

Partner Lawyer

Cristina Bilbao - CIM tax & legal
Cristina Bilbao

Lawyer Manager

Emma S. Corretger - CIM tax & legal
Emma S. Corretger

Partner Lawyer and Economist

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