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Blanca Llopart analyses the news about the extension of tax exemptions for protected estates in Catalonia. And Emma Corretger, in a different article, explains her concern about the possible implications of poor compliance with the new obligation to report to the Social Security.

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El Economista, leading newspaper in national and world economy, stock quotes, stock exchange, Ibex 35, companies, housing and technology, also relies on the analysis of our professionals.

In its edition of Friday 13 October, the newspaper highlighted the extension of tax exemptions for protected estates, which will now be applied in all the country's Autonomous Communities.

In this article they had the collaboration of Blanca Llopart, Senior Manager at CIM Tax & Legal, who brought her experience and expertise to analyse in detail these tax changes. In her speech, Blanca provided precise data on how these tax exemptions will affect people living in Catalonia.

Below we share her intervention with you:


Would you like to know more about this tax reform and how it affects the estates of people with disabilities in Catalonia? In THIS ARTICLE we take a more in-depth look at this important issue.

Our collaboration with the newspaper elEconomista does not end here.

On 21 October, in Eva Díaz's article, Emma Corretger, a specialist in advising family businesses at CIM Tax & Legal, explains her concerns about the possible implications that could arise from poor compliance with the new obligation to report to the Social Security for the self-employed in the field of family businesses.

If you want to understand all the details, we invite you to read the full article:


Currently, companies have until 31 October to provide all the information they are required to provide. Emma stresses that this must be done correctly and conscientiously, because if the information is not correct, it could give the tax authorities the opportunity to initiate a verification procedure that could affect the tax benefits of the family business.

We sincerely thank elEconomista and Eva Díaz for their trust in our team of experts, as well as María Galán for her collaboration with the Cim Tax & Legal team.

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